Brief Introduction
Kojin (KJP) was established in 2006, is the professional planetary reducer manufacturer who exports speed reducer gear boxes overseas. We specialize in manufacturing planetary reducers included precision and generic types to fulfill various demands. In the beginning, we aimed at OEM/ ODM. However, for providing the more professional and various reducers to customers, we set-up our strong R&D team for the continuous innovation and improvement of products and gradually to set-up our own private brand - KJP. Kojin passed ISO-9000 certification in 2008, at the same year, released high precise planetary gear reducers with backlash in 3' acrmin and got the positive feedback from market. Customers' satisfaction is the power for us to develop and improve our products continuously to keep our competitive advantage over competitors. You are welcome to contact us directly to obtain more information if you're interested in our products and company.
R&D the higher precise reducer with backlash in 1' arcmin in Aug. 2013.
Mass production KHL & KHT series in May 2013.
Research and develop L type and T type steering gear planetary in Aug. 2012.
Pass ISO-9001 : 2008 from SGS in December 2011.
Mass production of high precise H-Series (in 3' arcmin) in Jan. 2009.
Pass ISO-9000 : 2000 from SGS in December 2008.
Research and develop X-Series in April 2007.
Mass production of H-Series officially in November 2006.
Kojin Precision Industrial Co., Ltd was founded in Taichung in September 2006.
For providing the more stable and high quality products as well as to increase the manufacturing capacity, we purchased the latest processing and inspect equipment and machine in 2010.
CNC Machine Hobbing Machine
Gear Shaping Machine Roundness Testing Machine
Gear Rolling Tester with Linear Scale Tooth Profile Measuring Instrument
Microcomputer Backlash Testing Machine Backlash Report